Friday, 16 October 2009


Phoebe Philo's rentrée à Paris is quite a spectacular one. Leaving CHLOÉ four years ago, to concentrate on her London based family, signing up with CELINE in 2008, the fashion world was holding it's breath for her long anticipated comeback . She skipped the F/W collections in March this year, only to take us by surprise with a resort collection for CELINE, which was presented last summer.

How is it possible that a designer was driving virtually every twenty-something girl insane by making London's hippie cool into French desire named CHLOÉ, for four years, then taking three years off, and is coming back wowing the entire fashion world all over again with the sickest collection ever for CELINE?

As with CHLOÉ, you just want to have every single piece from this collection. But CELINE is not a brand focused on twenty-something Boho girls. CELINE is an established Parisian brand which was founded just after WWII by a french couple, which evolved from  the children's shoe shop it once was, into the international luxury brand it is today.

A neat brand, nice and polished for women who don't want to stand out that much. So what did Phoebe do, to make this brand so desirable to every fashion editor after just one collection which by the way, is not even in store yet?

By simply being Phoebe. Philo changed from a twenty-something girl into a thirty-something woman with an art dealer husband, two kids and a career in fashion.

The collection she came up with, is exactly that: clothes for that specific woman, probably with children, a booming  career, with here and there some art and coolness. All perfectly balanced. Not too shabby, not too chic, not too serious, not too girlie and not too cool. But at the same time, it's all that. Every single piece in the collection has the right shape, is made from the  right materials, in the right colours. Topping it all with the perfect accessories... Don't you just love those sandals? 

This resort collection will be hitting stores from November 15, followed by CELINE's S/S collection - recently shown and again, received in aw - shortly after, in December . Weren't we all waiting for something bubbly like this to happen in fashion? Speaking of bubbles; Philo is exactly like a good champagne: timeless, priceless, ageless, exciting and always making us want for more!

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