Sunday, 14 February 2010

to drape

drape [dreɪp]
1. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) (tr) to hang or cover with flexible material or  
    fabric, usually in folds; adorn
2. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) to hang or arrange or be hung or arranged, esp
    in folds
3. (tr) to place casually and loosely; hang she draped her arm over the back of the chair
1. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) (often plural) a cloth or hanging that covers
    something in folds; drapery
2. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) the way in which fabric hangs See also drapes
[from Old French draper, from drap piece of cloth; see drab1]
drapable , drapeable adj

It was all about draping yesterday during the New York Fall collections. Where many of the designers, staging their collections in Bryant Park,  seemed to have no clue of what they were showing, the ones standing out , all had draping in common. Is this still a follow-up to this  season's drapery collection from BALENCIAGA and  will Europe continue this trend? With  draping it's always interesting (and sometimes painful) to see, which  designer masters this seemingly simple, but oh so complicated technic.  The draping for the said BALENCIAGA collection for example, looked exquisit,  but after a second look was too horizontal. Meaning that although, the little  satin number looked utterly chic on Liya Kebede, it would make an average woman  with a bit of legs and hips look twice as big because of the horizontal draping.  And no, they were not supposed to be completely vertical either, but just a few  inches south, would have done the trick...


PREEN F/W 2010


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