Sunday, 21 February 2010

London's calling!

From NY to London, the international fashion weeks don't leave any breathing space anymore. After the last shows in NY on Thursday, the fashion crowd packed its fashionable suitcases, over sized HERMÈS bags and flew directly to London, the first of the three European fashion capitals to be attended these upcoming weeks. Many in the fashion business skip London. It's not considered a serious fashion capital to do business. But believe me, nobody in the industry should ever miss out on London Fashion Week. True, the collections always seem to be a bit arts & crafts compared to the über commercial collections shown in NY and Milan. But the creativity, the lively energy and youthfulness, one experiences in London is absolutely incredible and utterly inspiring. But then, I have a weak spot for England, and London in particular. And men, English men. My. To the point were my gay radar completely fails... It must be the posh accent, the gallons of tea, the Queen of England, Vivienne Westwood, the late Alexander McQueen, Prince Harry, the English country side, Pete Doherty, Hugh Grant, the Beatles, the Stones... I could go on forever. Seriously. I even sign with TTFN (which stands for Ta Ta For Now). I know, pathetic :-)

Anyway, back to fashion. After the quite boring shows in New York, with some exceptions, of course (read: MARC JACOBS!), London Fashion Week started with some fun collections. The UNIQUE collection for Topshop is one of those. The presentation reminded me of Spike Jonze's adaption of Maurice Sendak's classic children story Where the Wild Things Are (1963), which was released last December.

If this video does not work, click here:

And VIKTOR & ROLF F/W 2004 presentation came to mind (I looooved that collections!):
Anyway, fast forward to February 2010, Topshop's UNIQUE Collection:


And don't let Katie Grand's styling (of course, who else?) delude you. Imagine those parka's to keep you warm during a chilly winter day, or that T-shirt dress with the wolf print combined with a knee length knitted cardigan, a pair of sloppy socks and those killer patent Louboutin heels (the ones Miss Moss is wearing to every occasion possible). Great outfit for a casual Sunday roast at home with some friends... Get the picture?

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