Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Meet Mr T.

Meet Mr T. One of the staff members of Monocle, and one of those rare people you meet during fashion week who ends up being a friend. And a fun one that is. We met through Mr D., a mutual friend of ours, who also works in fashion, and the day after, we completely bonded during a Dior Homme party held in the prestigious Opera building here in Paris. The party was thrown by the French fashion house, to celebrate the arrival of designer Kris van Assche, following Slimane's departure. We danced shoulder to shoulder to models, Mr Lagerfeld (who, of course, did not dance) and other fashionatas . We smoked cigarettes at the famous balcony, with view on Avenue de l'Opéra (we both quit smoking),  and drank too much of the bubbles. So much actually, that Mr T. had to carry me down the massive and incredibly impressive L'Opéra stairs, because I was wearing killer heels and with the bubbles et all, it was seriously dangerous to walk down those marble stairs myself (naturally, I am also a bit of a Princess, who loves to be carried down marble stairs...). How can one not end up being friends after such  a night?...


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