Friday, 5 March 2010

BALMAIN went to the dark side for good

The danger with high end fashion brands like BALMAIN is, that over exposure, high street copies, and being  associated with "a certain clientele" because of insanely expensive price tags (military cargo pants: 2.650 €,  anybody?), can suddenly take a brand identity down from It brand, to No-Go. BALMAIN, a sleep walking brand with a  chic and luxurious, Parisian heritage, was catapulted into the hippest fashion regions, when Christophe Decarnin  was appointed creative director in 2005, with the helping hand of Emmanuelle Alt; doubling sales to  amass $28  million in revenue in 2009 (the clothes are notoriously expensive: a sparkly tee is $3,000, dresses are  $12,000  to $22,000, and jackets are $5,000. But with the above described danger and not evolving creatively, thus  recreating a signature far passé for the people on Planet Fashion (those shoulders are so over), every  marketeers'  nightmare can become reality: the brand suddenly becomes a "don't"... Such a pity.

The following looks are the ones I abstracted from the less desirable pieces and looks:


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