Wednesday, 24 March 2010

CALVIN KLEIN runs international augmented reality campaign

High end fashion brands seem to be competing in new media use and how to communicate interactively with today's consumer. Last October, the late Alexander McQueen was the first to broadcast his (last) fashion show live on the internet. Burberry Prorsum did the same this season by broadcasting their show live on the internet in various fashion capitals, followed by a three day online sale. LVMH launched NOWNESS, an interactive platform for the high end fashion industry, or as it says on the website: "NOWNESS presents a highly creative and technologically advanced approach to showcasing the best of fashion, art, culture and travel. "It's interesting I think, to see where this is all going. I, quite recently, discussed this topic with my close friend K, another fashion professional. Where as I am very keen in using new media and forward thinking, to communicate with fashion and luxury consumers, regarding the different platforms available today, K is completely against all of it. Thirteen year old fashion bloggers commenting on fashion and being invited to shows, sitting front row ? To hell with it! Twitter and Facebook? Go wash your mouth! Websites instead of paper magazines? Quelle horreur! For hours I tried to convince him, that it was actually an interesting development for the fashion and luxury industry all this new media. But we had to stop before getting into a real argument. K is utterly old school, something we actually bonded over, when we met years ago, after a Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane show. Well, that, and Vogue, and our love for Anna Wintour, and spending most of our childhoods in fashion books and magazines... We both agreed, that the luster of fashion used to be it's rareness, it's craft, it's quality. That today's fashion mostly-made-in-China is something to disapprove of, and that the old days, when women were still dressing up, were fabulous. If he could, I swear (although he would never admit it), he would wear Haute Couture dresses and Jar Jewels every single day. My dear K. Anyway, like I said, we couldn't continue the conversation, so we stopped. And it's such a pity, that I can't share my excitement with him over Calvin Klein's pioneering advertising move in the New World...

In April, Calvin Klein underwear will launch an augmented reality print ad campaign across GQ magazine editions in the USA, China, Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Mexico. Followed by GQ magazine France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany in May. GQ readers with a webcam will be able to view an interactive advertising campaign on the brand's dedicated micro site. After holding the printed ad campaign or the AR code in front of the webcam, they select from four short films especially created for this augmented reality initiative. will also run digital ads, linking to the micro site, a new branded platform for consumers to access all ad campaign materials and films. 
Photography by Mikael Jansson
Digital films by Darius Khondji, shot in New York
Multi-media campaign by Trey Laird and Laird & Partners

So buy GQ either in April or May, depending on where you live, and be the first to experience this new way of advertising. And please, if you do, let me know, what you think!


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