Monday, 10 May 2010

Some Cheer-Me-Up Shopping

There are some moments in life, when all a girl can do, is some Cheer-Me-Up Shopping. If I am sad, I don't  necessarily want to buy some crazy colorful heels to cheer me up (did that, done that. And most of the time,  those heels end up neatly packed in their original boxes, somewhere in the back of our closets...). When in need  of some Cheer-Me-Up Shopping, I always go for pieces in my wardrobe, I am extremely fond off, but which are in  need of some serious replacement... Westwood's Pirate Boots are the ones which need to be replaced. The holes in  the soles and the broken straps can't be fixed anymore, so they'll be off to the kids dress-up trunk... And I  know, a new pair will bring back a smile on my face...

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