Thursday, 29 July 2010

The September Issue: What to wear after those lazy summer holidays?

Kaftans, bikini's, shorts, floaty dresses, cut off jeans, all goes during my summer holidays, as  long as it is
 comfortable. Reason numero uno, why I always prepare my September outfits before I leave for my summer break,  because I always have a hard time getting back in the city mood. Clearly, the mood I'm going for in September is  Elegant; minimalistic with some extremely feminine pieces and accessories. These are my September pieces, ready  to be worn à la rentrée. Which are yours?


  CELINE Black Suede Ankle Boot            MARNI Swarovski Embellished Necklace


  LANVIN Royal Blue Embellished Flats      GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Knee Length One Piece


  CHLOÉ Silk Knee Length Wrap Dress        STELLA MC CARTNEY Silk Briefs



  1. Hi Tiara!
    first of all i love your blog!second..i would like to ask you if those Celine boots are comfortable and how is the sizing?thank you in advance

  2. Thank you very much. And to answer your question, yes, those boots are very comfortable :-) TATAFORNOW ♥