Thursday, 29 July 2010

This Dries' Coat is calling my name!

 Last Saturday, during one of my many St. Germain strolls, accompanied by my darling Irish man, Mr D. and his  friend S., I visited my favorite fashion store in Paris: the Dries van Noten flagship at the Quai Malaquais  opposite the Louvre. How I love that place - remember which book I'm always carrying with me.... Wilde's The  Picture of Dorian Gray... - it evokes La Belle Epoque in a very modern way. Before entering the store you have to  ring a doorbell, and then you enter the van Noten Universe - which by the way, could easily be called Chez Mlle  Perle - Anyway, the sales were still going on, but the main area - the drawing room sort of, with the baby blue  velvet Chesterfield - was already filled with the upcoming  winter collection, and this coat here, was loudly  calling my name! So yes, before leaving to my summer holidays destination this coat will definitely be mine!


If you've forgotten what Dries' Ultimate Elegant winter collection looks like, click on the following link: 


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