Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wellies & Baskets? Or just packing my suitcase...

Okay, the packing started. As you might have noticed I'm very much into elegance... When in the city! On  holidays, it's a whole different story. I want comfort above all, because let's face it, 42 degrees and 5 inch  heels by Louboutin is just not doable. Same with body conscious clothing, imagine those 42 degrees in a Hervé  Leger dress, or a YSL pencil skirt, aaarghhhh... Or leather totes... sweaty hands anyone? Nope, my suitcase to  the south of France is filled with my all time comfy staples: cut-off jeans, striped tees, kaftans, sandals, and  espadrilles. And a big raffia basket... by Balenciaga of course... Although, I was wondering, isn't that kind of  tacky? I know, we spotted Mlle Agnès with one lately in Saint Tropez, but really, a designer basket? Isn't the  ultimate chic, just the ones we buy in the Provence, the classic ones, you bring with you to the market, the  beach, and pick nicks? I try to figure out if it's comparable to  wellies. I mean since Kate Moss was spotted  years ago, wearing them under teeny tiny shorts at the Glastonbury festival, high end fashion brands don't stop  producing them. But wellies, are just wellies, and the only brand acceptable is... Wellingtons. No Gucci, Celine  or Marc Jacobs wellies on my feet. Please... But, so how about those raffia baskets? I should never have bought  that Balenciaga one should I? ....

The summer holidays staples:


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