Friday, 10 September 2010

I am so excited!

Mademoiselle Perle will soon be celebrating her first anniversary  (October 16), and well, I'm quite exited about it, because there's a  lot of stuff in the pipeline. First of all, I will make some major  changes here, and I hope you will like it (...I am really looking  forward to it though). Two, I have this incredible opportunity, to  really do with it, what I want to do, thanks to some angel, who flew  in, just out of nowhere, ploof on my plate :-) Three, being a fashion  editor to begin with, I was quite hesitating about starting a blog, but  I think it's an amazing platform and four, which is actually one, I had  so much incredible feedback from many of you through my facebook  account. So much fun, to see that people actually enjoy what you're  doing. Anyway, blablabla, what I wanted to say, is that I feel  extremely happy, inspired, and positive to take my blog to a whole new  level. And I'm counting on you, to stay tuned :-)) Allez, back to New  York, back to the shows, to see what the American designers have in  mind for us, next summer... (... end of summer, still preparing my full  winter wardrobe, and anxious about what next spring will bring...  Hellohoho, welcome Schizophrenia!). TATAFORNOW BALENCIAGA Salon (1954) by Mark Shaw


  1. I loooove your blog Mademoiselle Perle! Keep up the good work! XXX

  2. moi aussi j'adore ton blog. So do I.