Monday, 27 September 2010

VOGUE Paris 90th anniversary!


VOGUE Paris is celebrating it's 90th anniversary (first issue launched June 15, 1920), with a   
celebratory issue starring super sensual Lara Stone on its cover, and the introduction of its iPad  version today, claiming to be the very first women's magazine worldwide adding this digital version  to its print edition.

You can  download the iPad application here:
When I came to Paris in September 1997, the first thing I did, was  buying a French Vogue (October issue). I clearly remember, its red cover with Kate  Moss, but more importantly the article about the top stylists in the  business. My favorite stylists of the nineties like Alex White and Helmut  Lang's longtime collaborator and muse Melanie Ward gave an inside look at  their profession and the possibilities in the international fashion industry  as a stylist. Carine Roitfeld belonged to those inspiring stylists of the nineties, and evidently appeared in the article as well (I remember a hippy  Roitfeld in jeans and a white shirt). Anyway, it was after reading that  specific article that I decided that my one year trial in Paris that I had planned, would be a definite move. No matter how hard it would be, I there  and then decided, somewhere on a bench in the Tuilleries Gardens, flicking  through that particular Vogue, that I would stay!
 Et voilà, fast forward to September 2010, I'm still here. Thirteen years later...
Today Vogue Paris is one of Condé Nast's key international editions standing out with a very 
Parisian attitude, since Carine Roitfeld took the helm of French Vogue, succeeding Joan Juliet  Buck in 2001. We all remember her  very  first issue don't we, starring Kate Moss on the cover with  a  platina blond asymmetric hair-do photographed by Roitfeld's longtime collaborator Testino.

I love the description of French Vogue (since Roitfeld's directing it), by the Guardian, it's so 
spot on: According to The Guardian, "what distinguishes French Vogue is its  natural assumption 
that  the reader must have heard of these beautiful people already. And if we haven't? The  implication is that that's our misfortune, and the editors aren't about to busy themselves helping 
us out." And  living in Paris for over a decade now, I can tell you, that that's not just French   
Vogue-ish. It's the overall Parisian attitude, ...which you either love or hate...

Alors, Joyeux Anniversaire VOGUE Paris!

Cosette Vogel 1922 - 1927
Main Rousseau Bocher 1927 - 1929
Michel de Brunhoff 1929 - 1954
Edmonde Charles-Roux 1954 - 1966
Francine Crescent 1968 - 1987
Colombe Pringle 1987 - 1994
Joan Juliet Buck 1994 - 2001
Carine Roitfeld 2001 - Present   

 The eight different editors of Paris VOGUE, since its launch in 1920

 P.S. Please let me know your experience(s) with fashion magazines, inspiring you to do things, 
 you might not have done without having read about it, or seen it... I would love to hear about  it...

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