Friday, 15 October 2010

Trend Report S/S 2011 - Dashing Disco Days

Liza Minelli & Mikhail Baryshnikov
in full action @ Studio 54

Flashback: somewhere during the nineteen seventies, Amber and me at the Montessori  kindergarten. Amber was a perfect little angel with curly long blond hair and blue eyes. I was  slightly obsessed with this girl because of her mother (and because at the age of four, she already  had her own pony). Amber's mother permanently wore an enormous fur coat. Winter and summer. She  accompanied Amber to school and picked her up dressed to the nines with layers of seventies style  make-up and the perfect hair-do. To me, as a four year old, she was the personification of  glamourous (much to my mother's horror, who probably thought of her as the personification of  vulgarity...). What I liked about her, was that she was always dressed for some fabulous party. At  8.30 in the  morning. I wanted to look exactly like her. I wanted life to look exactly like hers,  as if there was something to celebrate every day, and not just on birthdays and Christmas. Her joie  de vivre/ over-the-top fashion sense did influence me while only a decade later I often went to  school as if it was Christmas (during summer, mind you). And today, I still like to do groceries  shopping in some Couture kind of princess dress and to-die-for heels at  10 o'clock in the morning.  I mean why just dress up for fancy events, if we can dress up every day? And Amber's  mom? Well  years later, when I discovered the stories about Studio 54, I often thought of her. How she would  have fit in perfectly...

Tell me, did you also have some obsession with a glamourous mother at the school yard? Or am I the  only one, who at the age of four, was already intoxicated with style and fashion????

Halston, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley jr, Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson @ Studio 54

Anyway, back to the trend report: When the news broke in the beginning of this year that SJP would  take over the creative reigns at HALSTON many eyebrows were raised in the fashion industry. Then a  few months later, in spring, the documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston” by Whitney Sudler-  Smith premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It affected a few designers, because unlike the  seventies influences we've seen the past seasons, the specific Halston look, that Studio 54 air,  seriously hit the catwalks this season. If it's up to the designers, next summer will be almost as  sizzling as those dashing disco days... If only...

Grace Jones and Pat Cleveland @ Studio 54

Debbie Harry aka Blondie with Truman Capote @ Studio 54

Halston & Marisa Berenson                        MARC JACOBS S/S 2011