Monday, 4 October 2010

Serene Sizzle @ PFW

Where do you want me to start? Or better, don't even ask, because I won't stop. Paris Fashion Week. We always  expect so much. Because it is after all, Paris! Well, I can tell you girls, a part from the sizzling nocturnal  events (Roberto Cavalli's 40th Birthday Extravaganza, VOGUE Paris' 90th anniversary, celebrated - with what will  probably go into history as the fashion party of the decade - Le Bal Masqué, themed after Kubrick's "Eyes Wide  Shut", Fendi's Party with a live performance of Duran Duran, Givenchy's After - a surprise birthday party thrown  in honor of Tisci's muse Mariacarla Bosconi, with Courtney Love performing), there wasn't a lot of sizzle to be  found on the catwalk.

 CELINE S/S 2011

Until...CELINE's presentation yesterday. I am not going to repeat my overwhelming sense of admiration for Phoebe  Philo. But oh my! Did you see those silky pants*, the ones with the coloured details. How cool & chic are those!  Or that patch worked white judo inspired dress*? Or the handwoven top*, made by some French lady? Or that to-die  for wine red skirt* in leather? And did you see the details on the sleeves* of the white shirts? Or that little  cape*? I mean, where DO YOU WANT ME  TO START???? You see, it's just impossible!
I wish it was summer 2011 yet... Sigh....
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  1. tu vois j'aime beaucoup la silhouette de gauche même s'il est impossible que m'y identifie. Donc j'aime la mode.