Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday Wrap

Diane Von Furstenberg in the 1970's
in one of her signature wrap dresses
So, what was this week's Must Read? I know, the news broke last week, but I am still shocked  about LVMH acquiring 17% of HERMÈS. And apparently I wasn't the only one, both Bertrand Puech and  Patrick Thomas, HERMÈS executives were less than pleased after Bernard Arnault announced he had  bought 17  percent of HERMÈS. Arnault, head of LVMH,  and infamous for his aggressive takeovers  in the luxury industry insisted he isn't trying for a hostile takeover, calling himself a  "friendly" shareholder. AHN reported: “If you want to be friendly, Mr. Arnault, you should  withdraw,” HERMÈS executives Bertrand Puech and Patrick Thomas reportedly told French daily  newspaper Le Figaro. Puech is a fifth-generation heir of Hermes’ founder Emile Hermes, while  Thomas is the family owned firm’s manager. The pair alleged Arnault’s tactics in taking the stake  were questionable and said they hoped the financial services watchdog would investigate. I mean,  quelle horreur, if LVMH would take over the  majority of stakes in this beautiful french luxury  house, and our Birkins and Kellies would be made in China! Yes, yes, yes, it's all grand that mr  Arnault made luxury into something accessible, or at least made us believe it is. But the whole  point of luxury should be, that it is LUXURY, and thus not easily accessible. Louis Vuitton just  became the Mc Donalds of Fashion. I mean, you're almost ridiculous if you walk around with a LV  logo (unless it's seriously vintage (so, no, not bought in 2006!). It would be one of my biggest  nightmares if he somehow gets his way, and changes the HERMÈS legend into a today's Walt Disney  tale... What do you think?
Furthermore, Anna dello Russo twittered yesterday, that Garance Doré, just shot her first  editorial for Japanese Vogue. What I think about that? Well, I think, Garance is lovely and her  blog, as girly and neurotic as it sometimes might be, is a fun read. Very accessible, which is  why girls all around the world love it so much. Is it VOGUE? No, I don't think it is. VOGUE is a  dream, a fairytale. VOGUE is about inspiring, aspiring, dreaming, perfection. Anna dello Russo is  VOGUE. Carine is VOGUE. Giovanna is VOGUE. Emmanuelle is VOGUE, Anna, Tonne and Grace are VOGUE.  But Garance? Garance is ELLE. Don't you think? 
Then there was Kate's last collection for TOPSHOP. Thank God. I never understood why she went for  more than one line anyway. I mean, it sells yes. But did she really want to go that mainstream?  So, yes, great move this ending. It's time for something new Miss Moss. What about that Dior  rumor??? 
We also got some sneak peaks of LANVIN for H&M this week. The LANVIN dream for H&M prices...  However for Mr Elbaz, this week wasn't just about H&M. Accompanied by actress Kristin Thomas  Scott - who currently stars in the recently released movie Sarah's Key, after the French  bestseller by Tatiana de Rosnay (published by my dear friends & neighbors Gillou & Hélo, yes!) -  Elbaz introduced "his" Christmas Windows for Printemps to the public last Wednesday. I didn't  have a look yet, but will let you know about them as soon as I do. They're on display until  Christmas, so there's still some time... TATAFORNOW♥ 

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