Monday, 22 November 2010

Preview PRADA SS2011 Campaign

The end of november till the holidays is always an exciting periode in fashion,
 while all the ad  campaigns are being shot for the upcoming spring summer season.
 The first PRADA SS2011 campaign  pics, shot by Meisel are out, and this is what
 they look like:

What do you think? I love the light. And Maria Carla looks absolutely 
stunning in that denim ensemble.

To me Meisel continues to be fashion photographer number one, while he 
never fails in making a collection or a piece of cloth desirable. I mean, 
when I saw the collection back in September, I loved it, but not necessarily 
to wear my self - You know how fashion editors can review a collection, 
but would never want to be seen in it - 
Then Meisel puts it on film (I know, digital camera's don't need film, 
call me old fashioned :-) and I just want to buy it: 
Those banana skirts, ridiculous? 
Yes, but I want one after having seen these pics. 
Those black and blue striped pants? 
Oh yes, I totally see me wearing those during the summer holidays with 
a pair of easy going espadrilles in the south of France. 
Those mental sunglasses? Uh, yehesss! 
And the delicious heels, at least one striped skirt... 
and while we're busy with the imaginary shopping, throw in one of those sombrero's too. 
Will wear it in Ibiza.... 
Mr Meisel, please   S T O P   emptying my wallet!

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