Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Elsa Schiaparelli photographed by Sylvia Salmi

If there is one historical fashion persona who 
 inspired me, it is Elsa Schiaparelli. 
 Her shocking pink (which girl doesn't like pink 
 at one stage in her life?), her imagination 
 and creativity, her intellect (she was extremely 
 cultivated), her ties with the art world 
 and her numerous  collaborations with 
 legendary artists like Dali and Cocteau... 
 But what inspired me most, was her independency, 
 her rebelling against her privileged background, 
 coming to Paris as a single mom. Starting her 
 career in fashion in rue du Plâtre (like me) 
 with her first collection and boutique  
 "Pour le sport" in 1927 (me in 1997 as an intern 
 at L'OFFICIEL (HQ Editions Jalou @ rue du Plâtre). 
 And her work continues to inspire... 

Schiaparelli's famous tromp l'oeil sweater for
her "Pour le Sport" boutique (1927)


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