Monday, 13 December 2010

Some girls just have it.

Alexa Chung for MADE WELL

Why do some girls just"have it". That little something that makes them into style icons, it girls?  A part from some celebrity status, there are only a few who cut it. Alexa Chung, as we all know, is  one of those girls. Incredibly beautiful, with a pair of  legs we all dream of, the British rose,  blossomed from teenage model, to MTV presenter, to it girl and style icon. Her style, which she  describes as preppy-meets-grandma-meets-skanky-older-brother, continues to fascinate the fashion  pack, which landed her modeling campaigns such as Pepe and her own range and campaign for Made  Well. And well deserved, she took home this year's British Style Award, at last weeks British  Fashion Awards, held in London.

Sooo Alexa Chung:

@ TRANOI.COM                                                        @ TRANOI.COM

LOLA                      FARAH KAHN             OFFICINE CREATIVE         OFFICINE CREATIVE
@ TRANOI.COM              @ TRANOI.COM           @ TRANOI.COM              @ TRANOI.COM

SEMI-COUTURE               ROSEANNA               ISAAC REINA              LANVIN
@ TRANOI.COM               @ TRANOI.COM           @ TRANOI.COM

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