Saturday, 26 January 2013

That time of year again #SaturdayShoppingSpree

                                                                                                 The end of January... Did you loose that extra weight yet, you gained during Christmas? Yuh, I thought so. Ha. Well, you know what I always do to feel less guilty for not having the energy and courage to get out when it's freezing outside? I reorganize my closet in January. Getting all my clothes out, and going through all of my items. Piece by piece. To determine which pieces will be worn (again) for upcoming seasons/year. And which pieces are 'exit' or on the "I-definitely-wear-you-later-or-I-want-to-keep- you-for-my-granddaughter" pile. I go through accessories, bags, heels, coats, jackets. All of it. It's like the best work out.  Believe me. When all is sorted I prepare my spring items and at the  end of the month it's shopping  time. Time to buy new items to add  to your spring collection or to-die-for winter items you buy in  sales. Like this drop-dead-gorgeous-and-I-pray-Kim Kardashian-and-Family-will-never-wear-it-leather-skirt by Haider Ackermann. It's on  sale minus 70% (almost €2.500 less expensive!). Practically a bargain. And let's be  honest; isn't it to die for? TATAFORNOW                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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