Monday, 25 February 2013

Keep Calm & Think Pink #MondayMorningMusings

"...and the Oscar goes to... Jennifer Lawrence!" Applause. Imagine you're Jennifer, you're happily and proudly walking to the stage to accept your Oscar, excited but foremost relieved. Relieved that this time, you're wearing a one piece gown to avoid your dress ripping up while on your way to accept your award - remember the SAG Awards? - and then... you fall. Flat on your face! I mean... Speaking of being clumsy, this could be me. Well, not that I'm *that* photogenic when I fall flat on my face - look at this picture, her perfect straight back and shoulders, the way the Dior dress pleats around her - No, I would probably be smashed all over the picture, with one leg in the air, something like that. You want me to give you some examples? Okay then. So, I go out for dinner with some fashion heavy weights, some designers and a stylist, one of the designers being Ricardo Tisci - just so you get the picture of the actual weight - I go to the powder room, come back, and bang! I walk straight into the terrace glass door. Next to our table. I banged my head so hard, I thought I was going to faint. "Are you okay?" "Oh, yes, don't pay attention to me, I'm fine, I'm good, no worries. " *Wispers* this-happens-to-me all the time. Or that time I was late for a Vuitton show, and my Fendi heel got stuck in the Louvre court yard, and it actually broke - try being elegant on one and a half heel, acting as if all is fine. I dare you - Or that time when I just came out of a Giambattista Valli show at Trocadero, and Bill Cunningham wanted to take a picture of me, when I was wearing a stunning cream colored cape. It was pouring rain so I was holding a big black umbrella. I was so excited that he wanted to shoot me - I mean, imagine me and my cape on the style pages of the New York Times! - But guess what happened..... A sudden wind flaw took my umbrella by surprise, so me and my umbrella ended up 5 meters out of Mr Cunningham's sight... Seriously, the list of me and my fabulous-fashion-moments-wrecked-by-clumsiness-or-crazy-accidents is endless... So, when I watched Jennifer falling just before she was about to fetch her Oscar last night, I just really felt for her... But then again, she went home with an Oscar... unlike me. I always go home with bruises, headaches, broken heels and umbrellas.

Anyway, congratulations Jennifer! One day you will manage to be flawless.

That's what I keep telling myself.


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