Thursday, 7 February 2013

Paying Dues #ThrowbackThursday

Last week I finally watched all the episodes of "Kell on Earth" - I know, late - And it so brought me back to Memory Lane circa 1997/1998, to my first baby steps in the international fashion industry as an intern, and assistant at L'OFFICIEL Paris. I remember all the assignments in French - most of the time I was lost in translation - the running around before, at and after shoots, the having to call press agencies, and not having a clue what I was asking for. In French. But also the first time I met Karl Lagerfeld and shaked his hand after a summer presentation - he was still fat and still hidden behind his hand fan... I have fond memories of that period. Clearly because I'm not an assistant anymore. Ha!

This was one of my first assistant jobs on location, how exciting! Uhm yes, *the idea* was exciting. But after arriving at Touquet, the first stressful moment started when I had to iron all the pieces, including the delicate ones (think layers of voile and big names). I was terrified that I would burn one, some, or all the pieces! The next day, after the clothes survived my craftsmanship, we were on our way to the beach with the Editions Jalou van, and of course the van couldn't go where the photographer wanted to shoot.... No worries. That's were an assistant comes in handy. And that assistant, was me alright. So, the moment the photographer found the "perfect spot" - 2 km away from the van, yes - I had to run back to the van to pick up the right dress for the right picture. Run back to the shoot. Through the dunes and the beach sand. Four kilometers that's right. With heavy, layered, crazy expensive dresses on my tiny arm. And as an assistant you're never fast enough. Ever. So I had. To. Run. Like literally run, to avoid screaming stylists, complaining models and the likes. Oh yes, those days as an assistant stylist...


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