Friday, 5 March 2010


Although an enormous fan and an immense respect for Mr Ghesquière, the upcoming fall/winter collection is not an immediate love-at-first-sight one. Knowing his work and the incredible thought and research put in every collection, that love is surely going to come. No doubt about it. And as for the Dries and Balenciaga 1 - 0, that is just to revere to that falling-in-love-at-the-spot effect, which Dries' collection provoked instantly. Sometimes, real love takes a little bit more time to evolve...

Here are my favorites of the collection (the amount of looks and accessories I chose, actually show how much I like it already... I told you I'm a fan :-)

These little sweater-dresses can be worn in a rather conservative way (imagine a less avantgarde heel).

Ooh la, those bracelets!

Reminders of the recent summer collection.

Oh, and shocking, shocking: Carine Roitfeld and her team of French Vogue were all absent at the front row. It's said, that french Vogue has been "blacklisted" by Balenciaga  (???!!!) When asked for the reason, the French Vogue camp answered: "Ask them." But a spokesperson for Balenciaga declined to answer with: "No comment." Ju-hoo-ceeeeee...

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