Saturday, 17 April 2010

Camel - Schmamel!

 It's what? April? And I already overdosed on camel. Camel, the new black for winter. Every fashion girl wears  camel. All fashionable images on the internet seem camel. Garance seriously goes mental over camel. And what's  the result? When fall comes, and those camel coats and outfits need to be sold, we can't see, let alone wear  camel anymore. As fashionable as I may be, that camel trend will pass me by. It's just too much! It's like I  spent the last couple of weeks in the desert or something and instead of snow blind I got camel blind. So if it's  up to me, the old black will be the new black for fall 2010 (as if Emanuelle and Carine were ever going to let go  of black...).

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